How To Motivate Your Workers

According to research done by Gallup, 70% of U.S. employees are not reaching their full potentials at work, which is a challenge to employers. This post will provide you with tips on motivating your workers.
Below are eight ways to motivate your workers.

Free Meals: As an employer, you should try your best to ensure that your employees are happy at work. Giving them free meals is a good way to achieve that. If I were to choose between working in a company that offers free meals, and working in one that doesn’t, I’ll go for the company that offers free meals. Giving free meals to workers will boost their moods and increase their efficiency.

Breaks: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It is not healthy to work for long periods- especially without a break. As an employer, you should be aware of the fact that employees are humans and could break down at any point in time if they are stressed out. So, they must relax a bit at work. Breaks help employees get ready for the tasks ahead.

Be supportive and honest when dealing with your workers: Honesty is a virtue that is required for the progress of any business because it is reciprocal. You can expect honesty from your employees if you set a good example. Also, give them the necessary support they need to bring out the best in them to boost your business.

Reward your employees: Reward your workers for outstanding performance it’s a good way to motivate them. The reward could be in the form of an increase in remuneration or a promotion. This encourages other workers to step up to their respective tasks, to attain these rewards as well.

Be a good listener: Cultivate the habit of asking your employees for suggestions and opinions about certain policies or any issue of importance regarding your business. Listen to their ideas and you will be surprised at how efficient and productive your business will become in the long run.

Give Recognition to the achievements of your employees: Studies show that, recognizing the contributions of your workers, and encouraging them, boosts their engagement by 60%. All employees need acknowledgment from their employers. If you have hardworking employees don’t hesitate to praise their efforts. Recognizing the efforts of employees compels them to continue in their hard work.

Trust: Trust is a vital key to a successful business. Learn to trust your employees. When your employees have the conviction that you trust them, they will be compelled to work harder to keep up with the trust you have in them.

Communication: There should be effective communication in your enterprise. This is key to keeping your employees motivated.


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