Attract Customers to Your Business in 6 Simple Steps

There are some sure-fire ways to bring attention to yourself online and get customers viewing your website and ultimately buying your products. Let’s look at how you can attract customers to your business in six simple steps.

Step 1 – Brilliant Branding

Brand your business, and take your time over it. Create a style and voice for your business that is designed to appeal directly to your target audience. Keep them in mind as the priority for every brand decision. Create a logo using a logo generator online and use it on all your socials and sites to showcase your business brand.

Step 2 – Findability

Ensure people can find your business easily online. This should be true for both when they know your business and are searching for it, but also when they are looking for a product or service that your business can provide for them. You should sign up for Google My Business first and second, you should optimise absolutely everything about your business from the content you write and post out to the images you use on product listings.

Step 3 – Run Competitions

Go on your social media and make your business into the big event happening online. Have giveaways and competitions, get people talking about your business. Do it to get interested followers rather than trying to make a quick buck out of it. By this we mean don’t do a one-pound square raffle and only give away a small prize. You should give small prizes for free and only charge for big prizes. If you charge a pound per entry to a competition, and get 500 entries, you should be offering something of around that value as the prize.

Step 4 – Talk to Your Followers

To get customers, a conversation is a great start. You want to build the rapport that your audience has with your business. Even better, build that feeling of community around your company. Get them speaking with each other. A great way to achieve this is to go live on videos, these short and snappy clips can be about anything but it is a good idea to keep them fun and maybe off-topic from trying to sell any one anything. Keep it informal and just talk about something you might put in your blog or a different niche.

Step 5 – Advertise

Create adverts that are targeted well. You can do this on social media sites very easily now. Once your followers know you, they will be open to your advertising. Create adverts for further afield that don’t just target your current followers too. But make sure that you don’t get negative feedback from them as there are a lot of trolls online.

Step 6 – Website

Have links all over that take people to your website. If it isn’t connected, they are unlikely to find it. Make your UI and UX perfect. Make a simple and easy-to-use website that has at least one interesting feature. Make it take as few clicks as possible from basket to bought and be vigilant that all links on the site work and that customers can navigate it without any problems. Your website is the final place that followers turn into customers, so it is crucial that you do this.

Bonus Step: Evaluate

Evaluate your customer’s spending, look at what they are buying and when and how they came to buy it. Did they see a Facebook advert or was it on Google. Maybe it featured in a video and that made them want it, or perhaps the product is trending. Whatever reason, it is important that you have some idea of why people are buying which product from you.

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